Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fair Fun?!

Our friends gave us free tickets to the Utah State Fair so we decided to take the boys for some fun. Tyson and I hadn't been since we were in elementary school so I was excited to check it out, Tyson on the other hand was not excited at all. I use to love it when I was little. Rides, treats, animals... whats not to love? Well, lets just say we probably won't be back for a very long time!
First of all it is super expensive! We spent $50 and we didn't have to pay for tickets and we didn't eat ( I was scared that we would get food poisoning!) Second, it was so busy! We could barely walk around without running into someone every 3 steps. And last, the rides really weren't that great.
All in all the boys had fun and I guess thats all that matters, right?! I am sure we will be back someday... just not in the near future!!!

Since it was Camdens birthday weekend extravaganza

I broke down and let him do the bungee trampoline.

He loved it but was disappointed that he couldn't figure

out how to do a back flip!

The boys loved this car ride!

Cam chose this spinning ride as one of his big kid

rides... he is so brave! Ty had this thing spinning so

fast that the 2 girls that rode with them almost

threw up!

Ty and Cam on the tidal wave

My 3 boys going down the slide!

Cam LOVED the goats!

Fall Soccer

Camden has been playing outdoor soccer this fall for the first time and he loves it! He has a really awesome team and a great coach which makes it even better. I am not sure what to what to pinpoint there success on, but man these kids are good! They have yet to be beat and hardly ever get scored on. I am pretty sure Camden has scored at least 3 goals at each game with his high being 7! We are so proud of him! He has finally figured out what being aggressive in sports means which I think is a hard thing to understand. I for one hope that he continues to really like soccer, because I love watching him!

Friday, October 14, 2011

August Camping!

We had a blast usual! I thinks this was our best trip for many reasons, the main 2 being no rain and no crashes ( unless you count me falling a few feet down a waterfall!) We went with the Tho family and my parents and brother. Manti Canyon was beautiful and didn't disappoint. This was our last trip for the year, so I am glad it was a good one!

Me and my boys playing around!

Me on my waterfall hike/climb. I had a few good bruises

from this little adventure!

The waterfall was so pretty!

Cute brothers!

So weird to see snow in August!

Beach Bums!

We really enjoyed the Herriman lake this summer. Both of our boys are fish and they loved swimming every chance they got! They also enjoyed playing in the sand for hours on end. They especially loved spending time with their cousins who joined us quite a few times on our adventures! Can't wait to enjoy it next year!

(On a side note... I think we may have gotten hand,foot,and mouth from the lake...just sayin'!)

Cam was seriously a fish, but he was

really good about keeping his life

jacket on so Mom didn't have a heart


Gav loved the sand. Especially making

dirt bike and monster truck tracks in it!

The boys loved it when daddy came with

because he always dug out a "lake" for them

to play in!

July Camping (WOW I'm so Behind!)

Not many pics from this pic, but as always we had fun!

Cam rode the 50cc like crazy!

Gav had to get in on the action!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cabin Fun!

A while back we decided to take a short trip up to Tysons Grandparents cabin for the weekend. I still can't believe that it had been over 4 years since we had been there. Before we had Camden we went there quite often... I guess that what kids will to to ya! Tysons Grandparents were there which made the trip even more fun! Camden was obsessed with Grandpa and followed him around EVERYWHERE! It was so cute and you could tell that Grandpa was loving every minute of it! Hopefully this is the first of many more trips to the cabin!

Fishing at the scout lakes

Gavin reeling in his first fish!

Posing with the fish... Cam was so
excited for Gav!

Cam pulling one in!

Gav got tired and was cuddling me. Apparently
he's good luck cause I caught a fish with him on

my lap!

Koda actually sitting still for once. She was mad
because we had to keep her on a leash because

she kept wanting to jump in the lake and eat
every fish that we caught!

Finally getting her chance to swim!

Shooting a bee-bee gun with

He's getting so big!

Gavin loved this little bench outside of the cabin...

just his size!

Cam and his target. He's a really good shot!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Muttin' Bustin'

Camden was able to do the Muttin' Bustin' at the Mascaro Memorial Rodeo a few weeks ago and

he had so much fun! He didn't really know what to expect and he fell off really quick, but he had fun and got right up... thats all that matters right?! Thats what I though, but not Cam. He was so mad that he didn't stay on longer and win a trophy. He even asked if he could go again cause he wasn't ready the first time! He is so funny!
He had a bunch of friends and family come out to watch him which he thought was so cool! Thanks to all of you that came out to cheer he on! You all made his day for sure!

Sizing up the bulls while waiting for his turn

Getting ready to hop on while daddy gives him

a few last minute pointers

Hoping on!

I didn't even get a shot with him on the sheep.

Thats how fast it went! Good thing I recorded it!

He got right up and put his hands in the air!

Getting his metal! He even got a super cool

cowboy hat!

Bray was so excited to congratulate him! She

even made him a card!

Pic with the clown!

Such a stud!

Watching the bull riding with Grandpa Mike!

So Proud! I {HEART} this kid!