Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fair Fun?!

Our friends gave us free tickets to the Utah State Fair so we decided to take the boys for some fun. Tyson and I hadn't been since we were in elementary school so I was excited to check it out, Tyson on the other hand was not excited at all. I use to love it when I was little. Rides, treats, animals... whats not to love? Well, lets just say we probably won't be back for a very long time!
First of all it is super expensive! We spent $50 and we didn't have to pay for tickets and we didn't eat ( I was scared that we would get food poisoning!) Second, it was so busy! We could barely walk around without running into someone every 3 steps. And last, the rides really weren't that great.
All in all the boys had fun and I guess thats all that matters, right?! I am sure we will be back someday... just not in the near future!!!

Since it was Camdens birthday weekend extravaganza

I broke down and let him do the bungee trampoline.

He loved it but was disappointed that he couldn't figure

out how to do a back flip!

The boys loved this car ride!

Cam chose this spinning ride as one of his big kid

rides... he is so brave! Ty had this thing spinning so

fast that the 2 girls that rode with them almost

threw up!

Ty and Cam on the tidal wave

My 3 boys going down the slide!

Cam LOVED the goats!


  1. Ha, Kevin hates the we have never been together :) I went once, before I had Oakley, and I am with you...probably won't be back for awhile.

  2. ha, you are too funny. I guess when we go we don't go on the rides so it's not that expensive. We totally missed out this year because we were in Moab for steve's birthday holiday but I'm glad someone got to go!